Goodbye Student Loan

A monumental milestone in my life.  My student loan is repaid.  The “wee stopsie” is in place and Glasgow’s
most efficient company have stopped taking payments.
Yes I actually went to university back in 1998.  Left in 2000 voluntarily without a
degree.  I achieved many things in that
time, including learning that just putting your name on an exam paper doesn’t
get you a mark, that discrimination against common Northern oiks by the future
landowners of this country is endemic, men get stalkers too, that there is not
a limit to the hours that should be spent playing Championship Manager, that 2
bottles of wine for £5 is a very fun evening and that the only way that you can
get to lectures after a night at Utopia is when you have to get the notes for a
friend (me and a close friend had the genius idea to go to lectures every other
day so we wouldn’t miss any notes and only had to attend half of the lectures – it worked). 
I also reversed my Hull schooling and discovered that foreigners, gays
and those of a different skin colour were actually nice people too.
I definitely had a drink or ten every night and may have
indulged in the smoking of a cannabis spliff but I did not exhale.  Honest. 
It was peer pressure.
Looking back I wish student fees were as high as they are
now as I would have thought more sensibly about what to do – Maths?  What was I thinking.  Oh it was boring.  I did gain two excellent life-long friends
and those that know how important friends are to me will know that I view my
£6.5k loan as an investment in life.
Annoyingly thanks to Reading Council’s ineptitude I am not
debt-free as I dreamed and still have a large balance of overpaid housing
benefit to pay back before I am debt free. 
Perhaps slightly my stupidity too.
Now all I have to do is reclaim any overpayment from the
Scottish.  Och eye.
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