Perturbations & Alterations

A very good friend of mine has been visiting recently and
asked me an unexpectedly pertinent question – “So what’s new, James?”.
I thought for a couple of minutes.  My answer was, “Fuck all”.
I am a little perturbed with myself at the moment.
I seem to have lost control of my life.  All I do during the week is work and
sleep.  Then at the weekend party and
sometimes sleep.
Don’t Sleep
Drink, party
Feel like shit
You get the picture. 
This is a more than acceptable existence and I have had lots of fun but
perhaps the fun has been lost a little. 
It is all the same.  Nothing
new.  Repetition.  Staleness.
Some may argue stability is good but I want something more
than an acceptably stable existence.  I
need some change, I need to mix things up a bit.  More excitement!
The other thing that really annoys me is the lack of money,
and the amount that I waste.  Thanks to
the previous Labour government, my standard of living is much reduced.
I have concluded that I need to make some changes.  So to mix it up I have decided to go to Ibiza…for
the 11th time.  Variety is the
spice of life, as they say.  I could have
gone somewhere new by myself but this is way too good an opportunity – the
villa is stunning and my holiday companions include some of my favourite people
in the world.
To save up so I actually have some spending money will mean
having to stay in 6 out of the next 8 weekends. 
I think I have stayed in 6 weekends this year at most. I haven’t had a
weekend in since…possibly May.
All this staying in will give me chance to work towards other
dreams and goals of mine that have been neglected in recent months.
Meanwhile there are plenty of good times in the pipeline,
including a London clubbing sesh at Secretsundaze, a DJ set, a family wedding (yes people in
Hull my age actually get married) and a trip to Wembley.
6 weekends out of 8 without really spending any money is a massive challenge for me but the reward is worth it.
All about the self-discipline.
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