How To Spot A Raver

This is a guide by Christwire, some Christian website I assume to be in America, and is probably the funniest thing I have read all year.

My favourite quotes include:

“Raves didn’t start becoming popular in the States until the late 1990′s when a new style of music called “Happy Hardcore” was created…The first popular Happy Hardcore song in American was called “Groove is in the Heart” by a Los Angeles band named “Deee-Lite”.”.

Erm…not quite…

“Each candy kid collects beads, these beads are signs of how many bi-sexual sex orgies they have been apart of.”.

“Mostly made up of “Yellows” and blacks, Jungle Lists goto these parties to stir up trouble, cause fights and rob other ravers. This should not be a surprise as we know communist Asians and blacks due the same thing in American society.”

Anyway, I’ll leave the rest of it for you to read – truly hilarious 🙂

What Is A Raver

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