Junction 11 Workmen

This is a collection of workmen working very hard on finishing Junction 11 by summer 2010 as per the schedule.

One is leaning on a cone.  Possibly talking to it.
One is scraping a brick on the kerb.
Another is watching.
Another is leaning on a spade, also watching.

Further up, one is sweeping the pavement.
Another is leaning against the railings, watching.

And further up, another was leaning over brushing the soil from what I can tell.  Perhaps he was planting some daffodils?
And of course, one watching him.

I don’t want to appear too hypocritical as I know I have written this in work-time in between analysing a spreadsheet for discrepancies, but there are not two people watching me do this, and I am not four months behind schedule.  Lazy, lazy, lazy.

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