Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Wedding

In case you haven’t heard the incredibly heart-warming news, Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to marry.

As David Cameron has posted his congratulations on Facebook, I thought I should write to him:


Dear Dave

I note from Facebook that you are also offering your congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on announcing they are to marry.

I wonder if you would be so kind as to announce an extra bank holiday to mark this special occasion?

I think June would be best as this seems to be the only month of summer nowadays.

I have written extensively on my blog a strong dislike for Gordon Brown which I believe contributed towards you winning the election (

I also promise not to vote AV in next year’s referendum if you can promise this.

I might even get involved in the Big Society one day.

And I promise not to save any money, and to keep spending to help the economy.

I didn’t even go to Ibiza this year – I have so far spent all my wages in this country.

One final thing – it will make people happy (perhaps we should have a bank holiday week before the next election?)

It would be much appreciated, Dave.

Ta, James xx

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