The Most Important Website Of The Day (And The Next 4 Days?)

No, not my blog, before you think I have really gone way over the top with the whole ego thing (yes I do control the weather before you ask but that isn’t enough to have the most important website in the world).



England vs India.

If we win the series by two clear tests, then England will become the best test cricket team in the world.

India are currently ranked the best.

I cannot see it happening.  It is a huge challenge.  India are fantastic at cricket but England are as good now as I have ever known them to be in my lifetime.

Sadly I do not want to subscribe to Sky Sports to help pay Jimmy Bullard’s wages so he can go to London nightclubs at then get a taxi to the training ground (in Hull, before you ask), disrespectful little shit, assuming rumours are true (suspended for two weeks from Hull City), so hence this website will be very useful.

If you don’t like cricket then – I do not understand why this would be the case, it does not make sense.

I wish I could spare more time for watching cricket – alas I have other priorities.

Anyway, I am busy, which is why it took until 230pm to write this post quickly, lots of work to do.

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