A Most Insignificant Post For A Most Insignificant Day

I have concluded that today is insignificant. Meaningless. Pointless. Worthless.

I’ve tried reading the news, sport, Facebook – nothing of interest or amusement. No e-mails, no messages, not even anything into my work inbox. No IM’s, nobody going to the pub at lunch. Nobody going out tonight. Not that I can afford to go out anyway. Maybe it is just me? I don’t think it is though.

I am listening to so many tunes at the moment which are so dull and uninspiring. Why make something which has already been made? Music is supposed to be a creative industry.

Oh. Typical, a few seconds after I write that I come across a rather fantastically creative tune, ha ha! What is it? I’ll post it on my top tunes blog before the end of the day.

Ok, maybe the corner has just turned.

I am not unhappy about the lack of significance to the day so far. I have plemty to look forward to in the coming weeks so all is good. But it is just a really pointless day, I want to go home, chill out, have a nice long sleep and be refreshed for the rest of what will be a chilled weekend thanks to my current financial situation.

But I might have broadband tomorrow. Or I might be blogging about how shit Virgin Media and/or their delivery company they use are.

And on a final note, I’ve just discovered a second gem of a tune and my feet are tapping away furiously to the ridiculously funky beat. All is good.  Where would we be without music?

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