Vote For Uncertainty?

I give up. I was hoping that right now I would have a huge smile on my face, and my fears about the future would be put to rest, and the Conservatives under David Cameron would now in a position to take up government to sort the mess out.

But although they will have more MPs and the highest percentage of the vote, they are still not in government. Labour are desperately clinging on. Gordon Brown’s regime reminds me of many others around the world – Robert Mugabe is a good example (granted less murderous), but in psychology at least, I see little difference.

All the talk is of a hung parliament on the news. Not good.

I’m going to sleep instead (with Sky News on the background) and then get up tomorrow and go shopping or something equally trivial but which I might actually be able to get what I choose. Then again I am terribly indecisive when it comes to buying clothes. Oh I’ll do a weather forecast for you too.

There still could be a Conservative majority.

And if the worst comes to the worst and we have a hung parliament with Labour under Gordon Brown still involved, then at least when the shit hits the fan and the country falls to pieces, I can say “I told you so”! And the Conservatives will be re-elected time and time again as nobody would ever dare trust Labour, surely…

Or maybe, all 3 main parties will form a coalition government? David Cameron as Prime Minister, Gordon Brown as Foreign Secretary, Alastair Darling as Chancellor, Nick Clegg as Deputy Leader…

Who knows!

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