The Delicious Delights of Derby

My employers sent me on a mission to Derby this week.  I doubt you have any interest on credit control processes (unless my manager is reading) so I will enlighten you on my personal mission, which was to discover the culinary delights of Derby.

The office I visited was in a modern commercial area, near the football stadium, and had much to offer:

Greggs – but you might need a little imagination.
With all this choice it was a difficult decision but I plumped for the chicken maestro, and wow what a good choice I made as look closely at the bowl of nutrition below and you will be able to see just how much ketchup I was offered – without argument and with full understanding of my language and requirements.
This my friends, was because I was near the north.
There was also a MacDonalds and a Starbucks but I was too busy eating a cupcake of hell from Greggs to photograph them.  You probably recall what they look like.
Things went downhill in the evening as I searched for hot chicks and thick gravy.  As I walked into the city centre, I came across this marvelous building:
Look closely at the amazing decor on the outside.  I just think it is amazing that someone dreamt of a tropical paradise in the city of Derby.  Must have been built in the 80’s.  I was most amused.
Actually, Derby as a city is a good city from first glance.  Not one person asked me for change, they have REAL PUBS in the city centre, and one pub which advertised minimal techno on Saturdays – I would have photographed it but I was being circled by hoodies on bikes at the time so I relented.
Anyway, the meal, the search for gravy.  Well I eventually upon a bit of wandering discovered the aptly-named Wonky Table and had a truly delicious lamb shank – yes with gravy.  If ever you happen to be in Derby I can definitely recommend it.

And this morning – all you can eat English breakfast.  Needless to say I am still totally stuffed now.  Not sure what happened to the photo but probably wise in case the hotel chase me for having eaten a whole butcher’s worth of sausages.
That wasn’t my only portion.  Oops.
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