Weekend Of Dreams Or Weekend Of Austerity?

I can tell I haven’t been clubbing for a few weeks, my dancing feet are starting to itch.

And there are 3 amazing line-ups in London this weekend.

Tonight there is Wolf + Lamb, PillowTalk (live), No Regular Play and Slow Hands at the Loft Studios.

Saturday night the wonderful Nina Kraviz at Village Underground and also fabric’s birthday going all through Sunday into Monday morning.

However, I am not exactly blessed with spare funds at the moment and cannot really afford any of them, let alone all of them. I need a winter coat, new trainers as they are developing holes and my ipod type thing appears to be on its last legs. Not to mention all that overpaid housing benefit that the council might one day ask me to repay.

But I want to do all of them. I have even booked Monday off just in case.

This is tearing my heart apart, I know I should be sensible, save money towards a winter coat which could be very useful in the coming Arctic blasts from next weekend, and practice Djing and learn more web design so hopefully I can increase my earning potential in the coming years. I know it is all about the long-term at the moment and I should sacrifice short-term fun in place of planning for my future, just like I kind of did years ago when studying my degree.

Hmmm. Live for the weekend or live for the coming years?

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